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Is Your Smartphone Overheating?

It’s important to be cautious if your smartphone is overheating, and if you notice that your device feels hot, you will need to locate iPhone repair services near you to solve this problem.

Why Overheating Happens

There are different factors that can contribute to overheating, including using your smartphone while it is plugged in or using it while it is bloated with a lot of software and running all kinds of background processes. Keeping it in hot and sunny areas can also cause your device to overheat, as can pushing your phone too hard or beyond its capabilities which can add strain on the internal components.

What Happens if My Phone Overheats?

The performance will be affected if your phone overheats and the onboard operating system and hardware will need to work together to reduce strain on the device to try and prevent overheating. When this happens, you will notice reduced performance, and your apps may not function as they should. If your device does overheat, it should automatically shut down as a preventative failsafe, and iPhones will do this when they reach temperatures of 95 degrees or higher.

Although rare, it is possible for your smartphone to explode despite the fact that modern devices are designed to be safe and durable. When the heat is too intense within the tight confines of the phone, an explosion is possible because the battery is affected and can swell, which is generally when the explosion occurs. You may also hear of a phone overheating and causing damage if it is left plugged in all night, which is why this is never recommended.

Additionally, in extreme situations, hot batteries can cause a fire if you are not careful about using your device and don’t allow it to cool down. The buildup of heat may result in the combustion of the battery, which can cause a fire or small explosion. The risk of a fire or explosion is very low, but you should still be mindful of your device, and if you ever feel like your smartphone is overheating, be careful and consider iPhone repair services near me.

How to Keep Your Phone Cool

Update Your Apps

This simple act can make a big difference, and updating your phone’s apps can help alleviate over-exertion. Any bugs or glitches within your phone that were causing it to overheat can be eliminated when you update the system, and keeping your software and applications updated will also improve the efficiency of your phone.

Keep Your Smartphone Away From Other Devices

Your phone should not be kept in close quarters with other gadgets when running because laptops and iPads, for example, produce their own heat, and grouping them together can be problematic.

Declutter Your Apps

The more applications you simultaneously run on your phone, the more energy and heat your smartphone will produce. Go through your phone regularly to delete apps you don’t use and upgrade to more efficient alternatives of a favourite app if possible, as this will minimize resource bloating. Ensure you do not have multiple apps open when you are not using them. If you double-click the “home” button on many phones, you can swipe upwards to remove all the background apps you may have forgotten to close properly.

Never Keep Your Smartphone In The Sun

Intense UV rays can cause your device to get very hot because this will fry its battery and damage the hardware.


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