Samsung is a brand that should be familiar to anyone looking for a new device – phone, tablet or tv, they truly do it all – and they do it well. Samsung is the world leader in phone sales for a clear reason. 

Samsung has held the market for years by keeping an amazing balance of familiarity and innovation. They have set the tone for both design and functionality of phones, meeting or exceeding the expectations of the user with their long lasting batteries, design specifically for Android compatibility and the wide range of associated products that seamlessly work together to provide functionality and an ideal user experience.

In addition to being your Winnipeg source for these top tier devices, we also provide some of Winnipeg’s most trustworthy and affordable Samsung repair.

We provide many services, such as:

Screen Repair/Replacement

Front & Rear Camera Repair

Speaker & Microphone Repair

Touch ID Repair

Battery Repair

WiFi Repair

Button Repair

Charging Port Repair