iPhone 8+



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Prior to Apple’s reintroduction of their popular Plus series of phones in 2022 with the iPhone 14 Plus, the most recent version was that of the iPhone 8 Plus. To this day, this phone holds up as an excellent choice, being the last plus series to feature the ergonomic rounded edges that used to be the hallmark of iPhones. With its large 5.5 inch screen it’s the perfect affordable iPhone for anyone who enjoys watching video. And it still features the classic home button – the last large iPhone with the home button present.

Many may say ‘if you’re going for a cheap iPhone, get an older one that’s no longer supported’. This usually poor advice can lend itself positively to this phone. The iPhone 8 Plus has many of the features we would’ve hoped for on earlier phones – and that we still enjoy today. This iPhone generation was the first to feature both wireless and fast charging capabilities and one of the first with a dual camera setup. Above its younger sibling the iPhone 8,  this Plus version allowed for a greater battery capacity. All in all with Winnipeg winters, a battery that lasts is a must, and with a used iPhone 8 Plus nearby, you may have just found your new phone.