Huawei is a brand that has gotten a bit of bad press in recent years – However, this does not subtract from the efforts that Huawei Canada has gone to, not only to go above and beyond in resolving the feared security issues, but also to continue providing amazing devices and software to make up for the absence of Google services.

Huawei is unique in the Android family, as they have developed Emotion, a special interface, which shows their efforts to perfect the Android platform for their devices. In addition to this, you can tell based on Huawei’s advertising (or lack thereof) that they put a lot more money into development of technology – with both Apple and Samsung spending approximately 10 and 100 times more than Huawei annually.

Not only does Huawei work to have the best user experience, but they also have succeeded in doing this while having some of the cheapest phones on the market.

In addition to being your Winnipeg source for these top tier devices, we also provide some of Winnipeg’s most trustworthy and affordable Huawei repair.

We provide many services, such as:

Screen Repair/Replacement

Front & Rear Camera Repair

Speaker & Microphone Repair

Touch ID Repair

Battery Repair

WiFi Repair

Button Repair

Charging Port Repair