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How to Find the Perfect Phone

Perfect mobile phone

We are a long ways from when the choice between phones was as simple as ‘flip or brick’. Nowadays we need to do a lot more research into what our phones are going to be able to do, based on our current habits, our past use and especially what we want them to be used for in the future. 

On average, we get a new phone approximately once every two years; which means we need to be at least reasonably happy with our phone for two full orbits. In addition to this, Canadians spend over half of their internet time, and time in front of a screen, on their phones. 

These devices have become an absolutely integral part to most of our lives, so we need to view our purchase decision as strongly as what we would for anything that will be around for two full years.


What are you going to use your phone for? 

Every phone has their strengths and weaknesses, so figuring out what you want out of it is going to be the most important step in this journey.

Some examples of use would be 

– Everyday: you just need a phone that will allow you to make calls and get texts, maybe look up that fact that’s been escaping you for the last few hours.

– Photography: you enjoy taking gorgeous photos, but carrying around a big, fancy camera is too impractical or does not match your style of wanting to be able to post what you take.

– Gaming: you love playing games, and when you cannot access your console or pc,  you enjoy being able to kick back and relax (or try hard) wherever you are.

– General browsing: you love reading articles, watching videos, checking in on friends’ social medias and just being connected.

Thanks to the immense leaps in the technology at our fingertips, we can do all these and many more things from our devices. Once you’ve nailed down the uses you want out of your phone, you can move to the individual qualities of a phone.


How much space does your phone have? The vast majority of people manage to max out their storage if they go for the lowest option – so how much do you keep on your phone? Do you have a cloud storage to mitigate the impact on your phone?

Battery Life

How long can you go between charges? The longer life leads to much less hassle, allowing you to go all day without chasing an outlet


Many phones have amazing cameras, multiple lenses, options and editing capabilities. If your desire is to create beautiful portraits (or to just look as good as possible on your social media) This is something you may not want to compromise on.


Not something everyone considers in a phone, the speed of a phone can drastically impact its feel. While for most uses this is just a luxury, if you intend to use your phone for big tasks (gaming, serious editing) the speed and processor are important to check out.


Phones do have a lifespan, but because of how often new phones are released, the most reliable way to check for the longevity of phones is to look at the manufacturer.


The most important question for most people is ‘how much will this put me back’. Affordable phones are quite available, but unfortunately, you may need to go back a few models or compromise on one of the qualities you were looking for. However, with some diligent research and comparison shopping, it is often possible to find a phone that meets your key criteria at a price point you can afford. Don’t be afraid to expand your search beyond the latest flagship models—older devices can still offer excellent performance, aesthetics and value if the features you need most are still competitive, and the OS is still being updated. The right phone is out there if you’re willing to put in the effort to find it; let Hello Phones help you find your perfect match!