How Much Does a Samsung A03 Core Screen Replacement Cost

I dropped my phone and it won’t get up!

When you crack, your screen often times, and it turns black, but you can hear a sound when plugged in. If you do that’s a good bet that your Samsung A03 can be repaired.

Knowing When it’s worth fixing

The A Series, unlike the S Series of phones, is often cheap to fix this mobile phone, while flagship phones years old for the S Series, are often $300 to $600 dollars repair. Samsung A series phones are as low as 100 dollars to 200 dollar range. For a Broken screen replacement on a Samsung A03 Core, you’re looking at around $110 + Plus tax depending on market prices on screens. Now that a little over 50% of the phone’s original value, it may be better to buy another one, but there are a few reasons you should consider first.


Keeping your data is important for everyone and often times your google drive account will be over the 15.08 GB threshold and will no longer back up what’s on your phone. Getting another one can mean the loss of this data in some cases. We do offer this service though if transferring off of an old device it’s $65 plus tax for the data recovery.

Less Expensive

The truth is it’s always better with a Samsung A series phone to get it fixed. You will save money in the long run as many of these phones can last 5 to 10 years, even after a fall. It may be attentive to just ditch your device, but it’s better to fix it and have it working as a backup for your main device if you do switch it off. Aswell after most repairs, the device will look as good as new because we use a full frame for Samsung A series phones.

Better for the environment

Recycling devices is nice, but reusing them and not creating waste is nicer. For less money and less headache and harm to the environment, it’s better to fix a device and have the old screen deposed of professionals by us.